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Marsha Taylor, Confectioner and newest member of the da Giovanni family, has been making the most delicious, one-of-a-kind gourmet brittle you won’t find anywhere else!

The old fashion brittle recipe was passed down from her grandmother and has evolved into a delectable brittle like no other.

This light and crunchy expertly hand-crafted brittle is made with the finest ingredients, natural oils from plants and fruits giving your taste-buds an explosion of pure joy in every bite!

The Brittle Lady creates brittles with California grown nuts, a variety of heavenly chocolate covered brittles, Star Bites (smaller pieces of brittle) and now the very first “brittle-on-a-stick” called Litl-Britl Pops!

Catering with a customized buffet or party favors are an excellent choice for any event. Marsha will work with you to create a masterpiece that is sure to “WOW” you and your guests!

The Brittle Lady has won numerous awards for being on the leading edge of confectionary perfection; it’s attractive, it’s amazing, it’s exquisite and it’s gluten free and it’s Brittlelicious!

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