Welcome to The Brittle Lady’s home! I’m Marsha Taylor, owner of The Brittle Lady and creator of the most delicious hand-made, one-of-a-kind gourmet brittle in the world!

This old fashion brittle recipe was passed down from my Irish grandmother to my Chilean mother who added her South American touch, and then passed it down to me. I continue the family tradition in The Brittle Lady, providing a confection that has evolved over several generations resulting in a one-of-a-kind gourmet brittle you won’t find anywhere.

Brittle is not only a favorite treat for most people, but it’s nostalgic for those whose childhood memories of grandmothers, great aunts, uncle or other family members who made brittle for the holidays. Those great memories are cherished forever and I want you to continue to relive those memories in every bite of my delicious brittle. This light and crunchy expertly hand-crafted brittle is made with the best ingredients I have found. I use only the best nuts grown in the USA, California Grade A honey, and a delicious organic sugar from South America. The many different varieties are created by using exquisite flavors and natural oils from plants and fruits from around the world, giving your taste-buds an explosion of pure joy in every bite! I make an original peanut and almond brittle, hand-dipped chocolate covered brittle, and a very popular ‘Star Bites’, which is chocolate coated brittle… that won a gold star for its creation.

There is no experience like the one you get when you take a bite of my brittle…’s amazing, it’s delicious, and it’s just plain YUMMY!

“In Life Everyday is a New Beginning, and Every Treat is a New Delight” – The Brittle Lady