“Here comes The Brittle Lady!” yells out a Coastie as Marsha Taylor walked onto the Monterey Coast Guard station over a year ago.  The appropriate name was given to Marsha, a Staff Officer with the Coast Guard Auxiliary, who is a contributor of unlimited free brittle to her shipmates. It was a clear sign that Marsha needed to change her business name from Marsha’s Gourmet Brittle to The Brittle Lady, which proved to be a wise decision.


The history of how this delicious confection evolved is a fairy tale. Marsha and her identical twin sister, Martha, picked up their mothers’ love for cooking and baking at a very young age. Traveling around the world, due to their father’s job with an oil company was not only adventurous but a once in a lifetime experience.


Many years before, when he stopped over in Chile, he met Carmen and married her 3 days later…to take her back to the States. Carmen who spoke very little English was eager to please her husband.  When he introduced her to his mother, he also instructed her to teach Carmen to make his favorite confection, peanut brittle. She soon cooked brittle on a regular basis and the delicious brittle reminded the family of America, while traveling around the world. Carmen later became a Master Chef, settling with her family in California in the late1970’s.  Carmen utilized her talent of cooking by hosting her own cooking show in Spanish.  When the smell of peanut brittle filled the air, everyone had a reason to celebrate.


Marsha, the oldest of the twins, decided to bring the brittle tradition into her own family’s home in 1979 when she had her first son, Adam. It was her own curiosity that she took her grandmother’s recipe and added her own touch in creating a lighter brittle that didn’t stick to your teeth, and could be enjoyed by everyone.   Marsha began making brittle giving it away to friends and family as gifts throughout the years.  It wasn’t until she opened up a bakery in the San Joaquin Valley in 2010 with her twin, Martha, a masterful baker,that she began to sell brittle to the public.  The confection was flying off the shelf and no matter how much Marsha made, it was gone in a matter of days. The bakery was a big success…but after a few short years the bakery closed due to a major flood and the twins began dreaming of opening another bakery.


Marsha bought a house with her husband in Carmel, California in 2004, and the realization of opening a bakery with her twin was finally going to be realized in June of 2013. Unfortunately, two months before opening, Martha tragically died, and the dream of a bakery was gone with her. It took Marsha over a year to heal enough from the tragic loss of her twin, before she began cooking brittle again.


In 2014, Marsha decided to open her brittle business with a passion to create a gourmet brittle like no other.  She began to turn an extraordinary brittle into an absolute exquisite confection using only the best ingredients; nuts grown in the USA, California Grade A raw honey, and the best organic sugar from South America.  She began using the most delicious velvety chocolates, and began creating exquisite flavors with natural oils from plants and fruits from around the world, giving taste-buds an explosion of pure delight.


Honoring her Irish grandmother and Chilean mother, Marsha continues the family tradition in The Brittle Lady, providing a confection that has evolved over several generations resulting in one-of-a-kind gourmet brittle in the world.


Brittle is not only a favorite treat for most people, but it’s nostalgic for those whose childhood memories of grandmothers, great aunts, or other family members who made brittle for the holidays. Those great memories are cherished forever and The Brittle Lady wants you to continue to relive those memories in every bite of her delicious light and crunchy brittle.


There is no truer statement from The Brittle Lady when she writes, “There is no experience like the one you get when you take a bite of my brittle…it’s amazing, it’s delicious, and it’s just plain YUMMY!”


Brittle is the perfect treat for parties, corporate events, weddings, or any special event you’re planning. I am happy to be a part of the celebration of life and its many reasons to indulge with a delicious chocolate covered brittle.



“In Life Everyday is a New Beginning, and Every Treat is a New Delight” – The Brittle Lady